Cobweb is a procedural cobweb generator. The add-on streamlines the process of adding cobwebs and improves render quality. It is particularly useful for abandoned or fantasy-themed interiors.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The add-on is straightforward to use, facilitating the quick addition of cobwebs to scenes.
  • Mesh Adaptation: Generates cobwebs that can conform to existing meshes in the scene, allowing for integrated placement.
  • Paint Functionality: Includes a feature to paint cobwebs onto scenes, offering a faster method of application.
  • Animation Capabilities: Provides a lightweight simulation feature for animating cobwebs, adding dynamic elements to scenes.
  • Tear Effect Simulation: The simulation can also be used to create a tearing effect on the cobwebs for added detail.
  • Efficient Material Creation: Comes with a material for cobwebs that is simple to modify and efficient in rendering times.
  • Multiple Mesh Connection: Supports connecting several meshes using the face selection method, with an option for mesh duplication and joining.
  • Renderer Requirement: Requires the use of the Cycles renderer, as it does not support the Blender Internal renderer.