Cloth Weaver facilitates the creation of clothing and accessories for 3D characters and scenes. It provides a suite of tools and templates to streamline the design process.

Key Features:

  • Library of Clothing Templates: Cloth Weaver includes a library of 26 templates, covering accessories, bottoms, fabrics, formal wear, swimwear, tops, and underwear. This library serves as a starting point for clothing creation.
  • Custom Clothing Creation: The add-on allows for the creation of custom garments. Users can outline their designs and specify sections for assembly, with Cloth Weaver automating the subsequent steps. A backup system is included for easy modification and troubleshooting.
  • Fabric Items Beyond Clothing: Users can create fabric-based items such as bags, purses, tents, and towels, expanding the scope of projects beyond traditional clothing.
  • Materials, Patterns, and Textures: Cloth Weaver comes with Blender Cycles materials to produce various fabric effects. It features bump maps, patterns, and presets for materials like polyester, wool, cotton, and leather.
  • Save and Load Designs: Designs can be saved externally and reloaded into Cloth Weaver, allowing for sharing and collaboration. Importing clothing from other artists is also supported.
  • In-App Updates: Updates are notified and can be downloaded directly within the add-on.
  • Efficiency Tools: Features such as backup and restore, model reflection on the Z-Axis, and UV map resetting are included to enhance workflow efficiency.