Cleaner is a Blender add-on for cleaning multiple meshes at once. It is particularly useful for users in architecture and design fields, helping to clean imports from other software efficiently.

Key features:

  • Duplicate Vertices Removal: Eliminates duplicate vertices to clean up the mesh.
  • Normals Unification: Ensures all normals are unified outwards for consistency.
  • Unused Material Slots Removal: Cleans up unused material slots from the mesh.
  • Custom Split Normals Cleaning: Removes unnecessary custom split normals.
  • Limited Dissolve: Simplifies geometry without significantly altering the shape.
  • Combined Cleaning Commands:
    • Clean Doubles + Normals: Combines duplicate vertices removal, clearing split normals, and unifying normal directions.
    • Clean Doubles + Normals + Materials: Adds removal of unused material slots to the basic cleaning commands.
    • Clean Doubles + Normals + Materials + Dissolve: Includes all previous commands and adds limited dissolve for the most lightweight output.