City Road Builder is an add-on designed to streamline the process of creating roads in Blender. It offers a range of features for both straight and curved roads.

Key Features:

  • Make Road in One Click: Enables quick road creation.
  • Edit Road Material: Allows for customization of road materials.
  • Add Curve to Road: Offers the ability to add curves to roads.
  • Curve Road with Custom Curve: Provides options for customizing the curve of the road.
  • Add Side Walk, Barrier, Lights: Includes options for adding sidewalks, barriers, and lights to the road.
  • Make Road an Overpass: Transforms the road into an overpass.
  • Add Road Side Grass: Allows for the addition of grass alongside the road.
  • Add Road Side Trees: Enables the addition of trees next to the road.
  • Add Junctions: Provides the option to create road junctions.
  • Add Road Side Fence: Includes the ability to add fences alongside the road.
  • Edit Wetness: Allows for customization of road wetness.
  • Edit Bump Map: Provides options for editing the bump map of the road.