Circle N

Circle N is an add-on that provides an axis-free manipulator with a circle-based GUI.

Key features:

  • Compatibility with Multiple Modes: The add-on supports Object mode, Edit mode for Mesh/Curve/Armature, and Pose mode.
  • Circle N Panel in 3D View: Features a dedicated panel for easy access and operation.
  • Directional Manipulation: Allows setting the direction of CircleN with mouse movement.
  • Transformations Through Direction: Enables transformation of subjects in the direction depending on the current mode.
  • Mode-Specific Operations:
    • Move Mode: Translates subjects toward the CircleN direction or on a plane orthogonal to it.
    • Rotate Mode: Rotates subjects following mouse drag in a fixed form to the direction, or around the direction.
    • Scale Mode: Scales subjects toward the direction or on a plane orthogonal to it.
  • Capture Feature: The ‘C’ key captures the CircleN direction on an object face normal under the mouse cursor.