Checker is an add-on designed to simplify the process of evaluating UV mapping on models. It offers a straightforward method to apply Checker textures to models, ensuring that existing materials remain untouched.

Key features:

  • Node-Based System: Enables users to overlay Checker textures on models without altering current materials or adding new ones.
  • Zen UV Checkers: Features specially crafted color and monochrome Checker sets that are easily discernible. These sets come in various texture sizes to cater to different requirements.
  • Filter Resolution System: Provides the capability to filter existing textures based on their resolution, distinguishing between square and rectangular formats.
  • Custom Checker Textures: Allows for the addition of personal Checker textures or even the integration of an entire texture library.
  • UV Maps Properties Tab: Offers a dedicated tab for quick access to UV Maps management.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Comes with a user-friendly interface complemented by a multifunctional main menu.

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