The CEB 4D Humans add-on is designed to accelerate the animation workflow in Blender. By using a single video as input, it exports high-quality animations, offering a range of features to enhance the final product.

Key Features:

  • Animation Reference Creation: Generate animation references to better understand body movements and create more fluid animations.
  • Jitter Removal: Utilize smoothing tools to eliminate jitter, a common issue in markerless motion capture.
  • Key Pose Selection: Choose key poses and discard unnecessary data for a cleaner first pass in animation projects.
  • Versatile Animation Creation: Create animations using almost any video featuring one or more people.
  • Foot Height Locking: Lock the foot on the Z-axis to prevent the body from floating away from the floor.
  • SmoothNet Integration: The Smooth tool uses SmoothNet to clean data specifically created with CEB 4D Humans.
  • Advanced Smoothing with j4ck Method: An alternative smoothing tool that enhances animation quality, applicable to animations beyond those created with CEB 4D Humans.
  • Foot Height Lock Tool: A specialized tool to prevent the animation from floating, with customizable start and stop points for floor locking.
  • Free Animation Pack: The add-on includes a pack of raw animations created with CEB 4D Humans, loadable directly into Blender.
  • Platform and Usage Restrictions: The add-on is available for Windows only and is intended for non-commercial use.