CC/iC Blender Tools is an add-on designed to streamline the process of importing and setting up materials for Character Creator and iClone character exports into Blender. It addresses the often time-consuming task of manually adjusting import settings and configuring material textures and shader node setups.

Key features:

  • Material Setup: Automatically sets up materials for Character Creator and iClone character exports, utilizing as many exported textures as possible for optimal quality.
  • Cloth Physics: Enables cloth physics on clothing or hair meshes that have PhysX weight maps.
  • Blender Round Trip: Supports the import of OBJKey and FBXKey containing models for editing in Blender.
  • Rigify Control Rig: Automates the creation of a Rigify control rig for characters, allowing animators to work with an IK/FK rig for animation creation.
  • Animation Retargeting: Offers retargeting of armature animations from multiple sources directly onto the Rigify rig, simplifying animation editing and adjustment.
  • Shape Key Animation Retargeting: Enables retargeting of Shape Key animations from iClone to Character Creator characters, accommodating facial add-ons like brows and beards.