Carpaint Collection

CarPaint Collection is a library of 180 shaders 100% procedural for Blender, with optimization for the automotive industry. Included are diverse car paints and automotive materials, designed to reflect light and texture realistically.

Key Features:

  • DRAG AND DROP OVER 180 MATERIALS: Access a vast collection of ready-to-use car paint materials, covering a wide spectrum of colors and finishes.
  • Procedural Metallic Flakes: Apply realistic metallic flakes to simulate the sparkling effect found in automotive paint under various lighting conditions.
  • Many Different Materials: Explore a diverse range of car paint materials, providing options for glossy, matte, pearlescent, and metallic finishes.
  • Vibrant Spectrum of Colors and Finishes: Choose from a rich palette of vibrant colors and finishes to give vehicle renderings a distinct and eye-catching appearance.
  • Ready for Cycles and Eevee: Enjoy seamless compatibility with both the Cycles and Eevee render engines, ensuring optimal performance and visual quality.
  • Tailored Camouflage Wraps – Versatile, Procedural, and Unique: Experiment with unique camouflage wrap designs that are versatile and customizable using procedural techniques.