Cam-FX is an add-on designed to create custom bokeh in Blender, enhancing the depth and realism of 3D scenes. It includes 120 Bokeh textures and a dirt lens function, offering a professional toolset for experienced Blender users. The add-on is specifically designed for Cycles and aims to provide more control and customization over the bokeh effects compared to Blender’s native capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Custom Bokeh Textures: Allows users to add custom bokeh textures from a large catalog, offering a unique look to the background.
  • Imperfection and Dust: Adds imperfections and dust to the bokeh, increasing the realism of the renders.
  • Control Flexibility: Provides a wide range of parameters for personalizing bokeh effects, making it quick and easy to configure.
  • Creative Textures: Introduces new features like custom aperture maps, allowing for creative aperture designs such as heart, musical note, or snowflake shapes.
  • Lens Dirt: Simulates a lens with dust, adding imperfections around light sources in the scene.
  • Demo Files: Comes with video tutorials, PDF documentation, and test files to help users understand how Cam-FX works.
  • Support for Blender Foundation: A portion of the earnings from this add-on is donated to the Blender Foundation.