Bumarin Sculpture Pencils

Bumarin Sculpture Pencils is an environment in which the user draws 3D mesh thanks to the grease pencil. The initial idea is based on the approach of traditional sculpture that from a set of clay pieces generates a unified sculpture. Bumarin thus proposes 7 pencils allowing to generate 3D pieces of clay, each pencil having its own specificity.

Note: At the moment of writing it is version V0.0.6 and works with Blender 2.9

Sculpture training – Blender

Why must you try Bumarin?

What you draw is what you sculpt (WYDIWYS). Behind each grease pencil stroke there is an hidden 3D mesh and it only depends on you to reveal it with your creativity … It’s a totally new way of sculpting and concept sketching!

Bumarin Sculpture Pencils is useful for:

  • Sculpting and anatomy modeling
  • Prototyping and concept sketching


  • 7 pencils: Claypencil, Tubepencil, Revpencil, Dynaclay, Dynatube, Sonic Bum, Leeloo
  • Parametric clays
  • Instant Brushes
  • Fast remeshing
  • Non destructive workflow

For more information you can visit and contact me on facebook or visit my youtube channel or take a look at Bumarin Basics.

Where to get the Bumarin Sculpture Pencils?

Bumarin is a FREE addon so if you find it useful don’t hesitate to share it.
You can download BSP on Gumroad

Note: this article is written by Christophe, the developer of the addon, and modified slightly by me (Robert) for optimisation. I tried the addon myself and I like addons like this where you can block out quickly ideas. Surely it’s an addon I want to use more frequent so I can read and write with it. Well done, this version, and I am keeping it in my toolset. Mind that this version doesn’t work in Blender 2.83. If you made a model with Bumarin, and you want us to show it on Blender-addons, let me know (contact form). We will then post your art.

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