Building Tools

The Building Tools addon allows you to build a house in Edit mode with a few clicks. You can add Floors (Level), Windows, Railing, Doors, Balcony and Roof. They all have several presets or you can tweak them with the operator.

For some reason the Building Tools addon for Blender 2.8 didn’t get much attention which is a bit odd it seems. The models you can make with this are suitable for stylized animations. And with some effort of course you could even use it for ArchViz. The result you get with this addon is somewhere between low- and high-poly.

How to use the Building Tools addon.

Building Tools UI
Building Tools UI

It is quite simple. You can find the addon in the N-Panel after installation. And you start with “Create Floorplan”. An operator (left-bottom) will pop up and there you tweak the floorplan. Then select the floorplan, go in Edit mode. Then click “Add Floor” and choose in the operator how many floors you want.

  • To add a Windows, select a face and press “Add Windows”. Tweak the operator.
  • To add a Door, the same. Select a face and press “Add Door”. Use the operator to tweak the door.
  • To add a balcony, that’s slightly different. In this case you need to select the face of a slab / floor and not the face of a wall.
  • To add railing is also different: Select a face like a plane on the floor or a flat roof. You can add your own plane. It even works when the the plane has more faces. The railing will be created on the outer edges.
  • To add Stairs. Same as with Balcony: In this case you need to select the face of a slab / floor and not the face of a wall. Probably you want to use the ground floor and add a door first.
  • Add Roof. On top. When the floor-plan is not rectangle, it might be that a gabled roof doesn’t work.

Where can you download the Building Tools Addon?

Download can be found here:
Or is also available on Github:

Installation is as usual.

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