There are quite some (paid) addons to perform boolean operations in Blender. But what about the free build in Bool Tool addon? Actually this tool is quite powerful if you have the modifier stack setup well and smooth shading. In this video I show you how I would use the Bool Tool.

How to use the Bool Tool?

The following is discussed in the video below.

  • How to activate the Bool Tool Addon ?
  • How to set the preferences.
  • Perform Boolean operations.
  • Snap the cursor to Edge, Face or Vertex.
  • Copy Booleans,
  • Set smooth shading.
  • Shortcuts used.

Some useful shortcuts

  • Shift + A, M, C. This will add a cube to the scene.
  • Shift + D, Z. This will copy the object (cube for example).
  • Shift + S This gives you a Pie Menu. Useful is Cursor to Selected. For example when you are in Edit-Mode and select an Edge. Then use Cursor to Selected. Go out of Edit mode and Add Cube. That way you can position the second cube symmetrically. (See example in the video).
  • Ctrl + R. To make Edgeloops in Edit-Mode.
  • Alt + E. To Extrude along normal. Press S to use Even thickness.

The Modifier Stack

Be sure that in the Modifier Stack, you have the Boolean Modifiers on top. Then a bevel modifier follows and as last one a Weighted Normal Modifier. Every time you add a new Boolean, place the Boolean modifier before the Bevel Modifier. In the Bevel modifier put the limit method on Angle. Give the Outer Mitter an arc and the Inner Mitter a sharp.

Smooth Shading

Press z and select shade smooth. Then, in the Object Data Tab (properties panel) you go to the Normals section and activate Auto Smooth. Together with the Weighted Normal Modifier you should have now nice smooth shading.

How to activate the Bool Tool Addon?

In Blender go to Edit > Preferences > Addons. Type in: Bool. And activate the Bool Tool. Save Preferences and Refresh.

Other Boolean Addons on this Blog or related

The Fast Carve addon is an addon with similar functionality (to perform booleans. And the Bevel after Boolean addon suitable for when you are working with booleans with lots of curvature and you need a good bevel on that. For example booleans with spheres and cylinders can be very challenging. Then the Curve CAD Tools Addon, you can use that to perform boolean operations on 2D curves. Or what about the KIT OPS Free Addon which you can use to perform boolean operations with a library of boolean objects (Kitbashing).