Bonex is a Blender add-on that helps create bone physics animations driven by PhysX, a mature physics engine widely used in the gaming industry. Leveraging PhysX allows for stable and realistic rigid body simulations, enabling the creation of bone physics effects for character animation. Users can modify rigid body properties, adjust connection stiffness, damping quality, and other parameters to achieve desired physical effects.

Key features:

  • Disable Self Collision for Skirt: Prevents self-collision issues for skirt simulations.
  • Horizontal Soft Connections: Avoids mesh stretching by maintaining the relative position of horizontal bones.
  • Force Field: Integrates force fields to influence bone physic
  • Soft Connection Avoids Mesh Stretching: Ensures that soft connections prevent mesh stretching.
  • Sub Step Simulation for High-Speed Movement: Increases simulation accuracy for high-speed movements by subdividing the simulation time into smaller parts, reducing rigid body penetration and improving precision.

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