Bonera is an add-on designed to accelerate the often tedious aspects of the manual rigging process in Blender. By transforming some of the more repetitive operations, typically addressed with simple Python scripts, into a comprehensive toolkit, Bonera streamlines and enhances the rigging workflow.

Key Features:

  • Hardsurface Rigging Workflow: Utilizes the “Bone Chain From Object Hierarchy” operator for efficient bone setup, especially for hardsurface models.
  • Curve Object Rigging: Streamlines the rigging of curve objects, such as hair and ropes, eliminating the need to hook curve points individually.
  • Apply Bone Shape: Offers pre-made shapes for bone visualization and the ability to add custom ones, speeding up the process.
  • Quick IK Setup: Generates IK controller bones and establishes the IK constraint in one click.
  • Bones From Selected: Facilitates bone creation from selected vertices, edges, or faces across various modes.
  • Generate Stretch Chain: Aids in crafting stretchy bone chains for diverse rigging scenarios.
  • Generate Eyelid: Enhances eyelid rigging for a more natural appearance.

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