BLOSM  (previously called Blender-OSM) offers a user-friendly solution for effortlessly downloading and importing OpenStreetMap, Google 3D cities, and real-world terrain data with global coverage. Users can choose between two versions of the addon: BLOSM Premium and the free base version.

Key Features:

  • Building Import and Composition: Import buildings from OpenStreetMap, including height, floors, and complex structures. Automatic placement on terrains.
  • Real World Terrain Data: Download and import real-world terrain data with 30-meter resolution.
  • GPX-Track Import: Import and project GPX tracks onto terrains.
  • Water Bodies, Forests, and Vegetation Import: Import rivers, lakes, forests, and vegetation as polygons. Seamless integration on terrains.
  • Road, Path, and Railway Import: Import roads, paths, and railways with width representation. Align with terrains if available.
  • Simplified Integration: Easy integration of real-world data into Blender.

Blosm Premium offers enhanced features, including:

  • Building Import: Import buildings from OpenStreetMap with default materials, tileable textures, and UV-mapping for realistic representations.
  • Atmospheric Lighting: Default materials create lit windows, adding a late evening atmosphere to the scene.
  • Forest and Tree Import: Import forests and single trees as 3D objects, allowing for the integration of natural scenery.
  • Customizable Textures: Customize the appearance of buildings using custom tileable textures, including those from