Bligify is an add-on that enables users to export and import animated GIF sequences.

Key features:

  • GIF Export and Import: Allows users to export animations as GIFs and import GIFs into Blender.
  • Quality Adjustment: Users can adjust settings to fine-tune the quality of the animated GIF, including file size. Default settings generally provide good results.
  • FPS Adjustment: Offers a tool to adjust the frame rate of a video, which can significantly impact the output file size. Includes options like adding a speed modifier to maintain playback speed.
  • Dithering Options: Recommends setting the Dither to “Floyd-Stienberg” and enabling “Dither Conversion” for high-quality, small-sized GIFs, though these settings can cause artifacts and are not enabled by default.
  • Render Process: Involves rendering the animation to PNG files, converting these PNGs to GIFs, and then combining them into an animated GIF.
  • GIF Separation: Capable of separating an animated GIF into its frames, converting these frames to PNGs, and importing them into the Blender sequencer.
  • Transparency Support: For exporting GIFs with transparency, users can set the “Shading” Alpha to Transparent and change the PNG type to RGBA in the render settings.

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