BlenRig is an auto-rigging and skinning system for Blender.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Mesh Deform: Utilizes Mesh Deform, a sophisticated deformation technique in Blender, ideal for organic models.
  • Pre-weighted Meshes: Includes meshes that are pre-weighted to expedite the weight painting process, with only hands and face requiring weight painting.
  • Advanced Facial Rig: Features one of the most advanced facial rigs available, providing detailed control for facial animations.
  • Automatic Shapekeys and Drivers Generation: Automates the creation of shapekeys and drivers, streamlining the rigging process.
  • Seamless Editing of Rig Actions: Allows for easy editing of rig actions to define predefined poses and behaviors.
  • Sculpt Tools for Shapekeys: Enables the use of sculpt tools to seamlessly edit shapekeys, enhancing the flexibility and precision of character modeling.

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