Blendyn is a Blender add-on developed to serve as a graphical post-processor for MBDyn, the free multibody dynamics solver from the Aerospace Science and Technology Department at Politecnico di Milano University. MBDyn itself is designed to work with text-only input files and produces outputs in either text or binary formats, without an integrated graphical interface for pre- or post-processing. Blendyn fills this gap by leveraging Blender’s extensive 3D graphics capabilities.

Key features:

  • Graphical Post-processing: Enables the visualization of MBDyn simulation results within Blender, providing a powerful tool for analyzing complex multibody dynamics simulations.
  • Model Definition Aid: While primarily a post-processor, Blendyn aims to be useful during the model definition phase, enhancing the user’s ability to conceptualize and refine their simulations.