Blenderseed is an add-on that integrates the appleseed rendering engine into Blender, enhancing the rendering capabilities within the Blender environment.

Key Features:

  • Camera Models: Support for pinhole, thin lens, and spherical camera models.
  • Motion Blur: Includes camera, transformation, deformation, particle, and instance motion blur.
  • Instancing: Supports dupliverts and duplifaces.
  • Materials: Offers BSDF, volumetric, and BSSDF materials.
  • Shading: Allows OSL shading, normal/bump mapping, and alpha mapping.
  • Lighting: Provides mesh lights, point, directional, and sun lights, along with textured spot lights.
  • Environment Models: Features gradient, constant, mirror ball map, and latitude-longitude map environment models.
  • Additional Support: Enables node-based OSL material creation, export to appleseed scene files, selective geometry export, and material preview rendering within Blender’s framework.