Blendermania is an add-on designed for Trackmania2020 and ManiaPlanet, enhancing the Blender experience by streamlining various tasks related to game content creation and export.

Key Features:

  • Icons for objects
  • Mandatory materials to convert items to the game (container for texture & physicid/gameplayid)
  • Waypoint templates like checkpoints, start, finish, and multilap behavior
  • Templates for in-game placement (.Item.xml)
  • Built-in addon updater
  • Textures for the selected game/environment
  • Different nadeo-importer versions for converting exported items (.fbx) to the game (.gbx)
  • Useful assets for Blender related to Trackmania
  • Install/Import Ninjaripper for geometry extraction from various games
  • Blendermania-dotnet for manipulating gbx files using
  • Export single objects or collections as one object
  • Multi-scale exports for creating different sizes automatically
  • Batch/parallel export of all creations simultaneously (collections/objects)
  • Map export based on existing/linked objects
  • Automatic generation of .Meshparams.xml and .Item.xml files
  • Automatic lightmap generation
  • Automatic icon generation
  • Toggle various marker settings like notcollidable, trigger, or _Lod0
  • Toggle the ModWork folder
  • Change texture sources for Blender with one click
  • UVMaps – add/view/edit BaseMaterial & LightMap