BlenderKit offers an extensive asset library seamlessly integrated into Blender, available in two versions: Free Plan and Full Plan. With a diverse online database, BlenderKit provides creators with invaluable resources to enhance architectural visualizations, product design projects, animations and games.

Key Features:

  • Ever-Expanding Asset Library: Access a high-quality collection of 3D models, materials, textures, brushes and more from a global community of creators.
  • One-Click Asset Download: browse and download unlimited assets directly within Blender.
  • Custom Tags and Filters: Find assets tailored to projects using customizable tags and advanced filtering options.
  • Curated Collections: Explore curated collections of assets hand-picked by experienced creators.
  • User Submissions: Contribute to the library by submitting assets and sharing them with the Blender community.

Additional Features (Full Plan Only):

  • Advanced Asset Library Access: Gain access to the entire asset library.
  • 2 GiB Private Storage: Securely store and manage assets with 2 GiB of private storage.
  • Extra Add-ons: boost the Blender experience with additional add-ons exclusively available to Full Plan subscribers.
  • Extended Customer Support: Receive dedicated customer support for inquiries or issues.
  • Support Fellow Blender Artists & Blender Development: By subscribing to Full Plan, contribute to BlenderKit creators and the development of Blender itself, empowering the open-source ecosystem.