BlenderKit offers an extensive asset library seamlessly integrated into Blender, available in two versions: Free Plan and Full Plan. With a diverse online database, BlenderKit provides creators with invaluable resources to enhance architectural visualizations, product design projects, animations and games. It enables to download models, materials, HDRs, scenes and brushes directly in Blender.

Key Features:

  • Ever-Expanding Asset Library: Access a high-quality collection of 3D models, materials, textures, brushes and more from a global community of creators.
  • One-Click Asset Download: browse and download unlimited assets directly within Blender.
  • Custom Tags and Filters: Find assets tailored to projects using customizable tags and advanced filtering options.
  • Curated Collections: Explore curated collections of assets hand-picked by experienced creators.
  • User Submissions: Contribute to the library by submitting assets and sharing them with the Blender community.

Additional Features (Full Plan Only):

  • Advanced Asset Library Access: Gain access to the entire asset library.
  • 2 GiB Private Storage: Securely store and manage assets with 2 GiB of private storage.
  • Extra Add-ons: boost the Blender experience with additional add-ons exclusively available to Full Plan subscribers.
  • Extended Customer Support: Receive dedicated customer support for inquiries or issues.
  • Support Fellow Blender Artists & Blender Development: By subscribing to Full Plan, contribute to BlenderKit creators and the development of Blender itself, empowering the open-source ecosystem.

Relevant addons

Color Ramp Converter

Color Ramp Converter

Generate custom node groups from color ramp nodes