Blender Vintage Story

Blender Vintage Story is an add-on that facilitates the transfer of cuboid geometry between Blender and the Vintage Story .json model format.

Key features:

  • Import/Export Compatibility: Enables the import and export of cuboid geometry, UVs, and supports the use of solid material colors alongside textures.
  • Attach Points and Animation Support: Allows the creation of attach points and supports bone-based animations through armatures.
  • Solid Color Textures: Can generate a texture containing all solid material colors, facilitating texturing with materials and colors without the need for UV mapping.
  • Export Guide Compliance: Requires objects to be separate and scales to be applied before exporting to meet the guidelines.
  • Animation Metadata: Utilizes Action pose markers to define animation endpoints and related metadata.
  • Export Options: Offers a range of export settings, including selection-only exports, texture subfolder specification, and .json minification options.
  • Import Options: Provides settings for UV import, recentering to origin, and animation import, converting object hierarchy to bone hierarchy.
  • Post Export Scripting: Enables the running of a Python script after export for custom post-processing or file management.
  • Additional Utilities: Includes a utility panel for UVs, texturing, and animations, with operators like Cuboid UV Unwrap and Pixel UV Unwrap.