Blender UE4 Importer

Blender UE4 Importer facilitates the import of Unreal Engine project files, including .umap scenes and .uasset files, directly into Blender without the need for exporting from the Unreal Editor.

Key features:

  • Direct Import of Unreal Engine Project Files: Enables the direct reading of Unreal Engine project files.
  • Import Full .umap Scenes: Supports the comprehensive import of .umap scenes into Blender.
  • Import Individual Mesh & Material .uasset Files: Allows for the import of specific mesh and material .uasset files.
  • Pixel-Perfect Material Recreation: Achieves accurate material recreation for supported nodes.
  • Cubemaps & Irradiance Volume Placement for Eevee: Facilitates the placement of cubemaps and irradiance volumes within Blender’s Eevee renderer.
  • umodel.exe for Texture Extraction: Utilizes umodel.exe to extract textures from Unreal Engine assets.
  • Normal Map Format Correction: Corrects the format of normal maps.