Blender To Unity

Blender to Unity is an add-on designed for exporting objects, animations, colliders, and LODs directly to Unity Engine.

Key Features:

  • Collider Options: Includes various types of colliders that can be automatically added to models based on their geometry. Users can apply Box colliders aligned with the object’s bounding box, Capsule and Cylinder colliders that consider the bounding box and depth, Sphere colliders based on the bounding box, and Convex colliders derived from the selection.
  • LOD Management: Facilitates the creation, updating, and presetting of Levels of Detail (LODs) for models, enhancing performance in Unity. Users can create LODs for newly selected objects, update existing LODs to incorporate changes, or preset LOD configurations for future use.
  • Rename Tool: Allows for the renaming of objects, colliders, and LODs directly within the add-on, helping organize assets before exporting.
  • Flexible Export Capabilities: Supports the export of objects and collections either directly to Unity or to a disk.

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