Blender Sequence Loader

Blender Sequence Loader is an add-on that enables the loading of file sequences. Bundled together with meshio, it facilitates the loading of geometric data from a wide range of file formats.

Key features:

  • File Sequence Loading: Supports loading file sequences in various formats, including Abaqus, ANSYS msh, AVS-UCD, CGNS, DOLFIN XML, Exodus, FLAC3D, H5M, Kratos/MDPA, Medit, MED/Salome, Nastran, Netgen, Neuroglancer precomputed format, Gmsh, OBJ, OFF, PERMAS, PLY, STL, Tecplot .dat, TetGen .node/.ele, SVG (2D output only), SU2, UGRID, VTK, VTU, WKT (TIN), XDMF, and more.
  • Just-In-Time Data Loading: Loads data just-in-time as the Blender frame changes, optimizing memory usage.
  • Geometry Support: Capable of importing vertices, lines, triangles, and quads, and extracting surface meshes from volume meshes.
  • Attribute Import for Visualization: Imports scalar and vector attributes on vertices for enhanced visualization.
  • Geometry Nodes Templates: Includes templates for visualizing particle data with Point Cloud and Instances geometry nodes.
  • Attribute Access in Shading: Enables the use of imported attributes in the Shader Editor for shading purposes.
  • Custom Normals Feature: Allows the use of per-vertex vector attributes as custom normals.
  • Advanced Configuration Options: Provides additional settings for complex configurations and customizations.