Blender Screenwriter is an add-on designed for screenwriting and automatic previz/animatic generation within Blender.

Key Features:

  • Write Screenplays: Utilize Blender Text Editor for screenplay writing.
  • Live Preview: Obtain a live preview of screenplay formatting.
  • Fountain Markup Syntax: Employ simple fountain markup syntax for ease of writing.
  • Various File Operations: Open, save, and export screenplays as Fountain, PDF, fdx (Final Draft), and HTML.
  • Additional Formatting Options: Change font for preview, insert title page, scene numbers, and correct caps.
  • Special Insertions: Insert notes or comments for shots, which will generate a camera in the scene. Utilize specific symbols for forcing transition, character, scene header, and centering action.
  • Script to Screen Sequence Generation: Seamlessly convert scripts to screen sequences.
  • 3D Object Assignment: Assign 3D objects to screenplay keywords for visual representation.
  • Screenplay Data and Timings Extraction: Extract essential screenplay data and timings for accurate sequence creation.
  • Automated Scene and Object Generation: Generate and populate scenes with 3D objects based on screenplay scenes and keywords.
  • Camera Generation: Automatically generate cameras for each shot note or comment in the screenplay scenes.
  • Scene Switching: Switch between the 3D scene and the master edit scene based on the screenplay scene position.
  • Mindmap Generation: Generate and return a mindmap if the Mindmap add-on is installed.