Blender Queue add-on

The Blender Queue add-on is crafted to enhance rendering workflows in Blender, offering a systematic approach to sequential rendering. It is useful for managing multiple projects efficiently, ensuring a streamlined process from setup to final render.

Key Features:

  • Sequential Batch Rendering: Enables automated rendering for a series of projects and scenes.
  • Project Management: Simplifies adding and managing projects within the render queue directly from Blender, enhancing organization and accessibility.
  • Flexible Project Addition: Provides “Add Current Project” and “Add Blend Files” options for straightforward project queuing.
  • Rendering Control: Offers capabilities to pause and resume batch renders.
  • Project Insights: Displays essential details for each project, such as render engine, samples, frame range, and output format.
  • Workflow Optimization: Facilitates setting up various project files for quick previews and switching render engines for batch rendering.
  • Seamless Post-Processing: Eliminates the need to search for output folders by making them readily accessible in the add-on item list.
  • Quick-Check Render Settings: Provides an overview of render settings under each project item, including samples and denoise options.