Blender QMM (Quick Metal Materials) is an add-on that simplifies the process of assigning metal materials to objects in Blender. Once activated, a panel named Quick Metal Materials appears in the MAT tab of the 3D viewport sidebar. The add-on is designed to enhance workflow efficiency, especially for those who frequently work with metal materials. In addition to the core functionality, the product also includes an Asset Browser file and the Quick Material Colors collection, which allows for the assignment of custom colors to a node’s Base Color.

Key features:

  • Quick Material Assignment: Simply select an object in the view and click a button to assign a metal material to it.
  • Integrated Panel: A dedicated panel named Quick Metal Materials is added to the MAT tab in the 3D viewport sidebar for easy access.
  • Asset Browser File: The product comes with an Asset Browser file, enhancing the utility of the add-on.
  • Quick Material Colors Collection: This feature allows the assignment of custom colors to a node’s Base Color, offering additional customization options.