Blender QMC

Blender QMC (Quick Material Colors) is an add-on designed to streamline the process of assigning custom colors to materials in Blender. Once activated, it adds a panel named Quick Material Colors in the MAT tab within the 3D viewport sidebar.

Key features:

  • Quick Material Assignment: Select an object and click a button to assign a custom color to its material.
  • Rename Material Option: A checkbox allows the renaming of the material or world name when set to True.
  • Multiple Material Selection: An option to change the Base Color of all selected shader nodes in a material. This feature ignores nodes that do not have a Base Color attribute.
  • World Background Color: A checkbox allows the assignment of a custom color to the World > Background Shader > Color when set to True.
  • Specific Node Targeting: The add-on specifically targets nodes like Principled BSDF, Diffuse BSDF, and the current World’s Background Shader for color assignment.
  • Viewport Display Color: The add-on also sets the material or the world’s Viewport Display > Color to the selected custom color.
  • Active Material Focus: The add-on only affects the Active Material of the Currently Selected Object.