Blender-O3D-IO is an add-on that supports importing and exporting OMSI .sco, .cfg, and .o3d files. It’s designed to enhance the workflow for users working with OMSI (Omnibus Simulator) models in Blender.

Key features:

  • O3D File Import and Export: Includes a fast o3d file importer and exporter with full support for the format.
  • Support for Complex Models: Capable of importing and exporting .cfg and .sco files, as well as OMSI map tiles (.map files).
  • Full O3D File Format Support: Handles explicit vertex normals, long headers (version >= 3), encryption (requires private module), long triangle indices, alternative encryption seed, embedded materials, bones, and UV coordinates.
  • Advanced Material Features for CFG/SCO Files: Supports LODs and exports advanced material features including various material types like [matl_alpha], [matl_transmap], [matl_envmap] & [matl_envmap_mask], [matl_bumpmap] (Blender >= 2.80 only), [matl_nightmap] & [matl_lightmap], and more.
  • Interior Lights and Spotlights: Includes support for lens flares ([light_enh] and [light_enh_2]).
  • Reference Model and Texture Import: Imports all referenced models (o3d files only) and textures in the CFG/SCO as separate objects.
  • Additional Import Capabilities: Imports .x files if a compatible importer is installed and OMSI map tiles (.map files) including referenced scenery objects, terrain tiles, and splines converted to meshes.