Blender Coaching 121

Learning Blender requires considerable time and effort. The first stage could be daunting especially if you do not really know where and how you start. For people who have kick-started using Blender probably know already the things they want to learn and improve, however, proceeding to higher course could still be on the agenda to answer what would be the learner’s objective in learning Blender. caters Blender Coaching 121, a video chat that discusses the basic, easy to follow step by step instructions that you can play and pause as you go along.

What will you learn in Blender Coaching 121

This depends on what you know already but here a list of what is possible:

  • The very basics, like navigation and available editors.
  • Basics of box-modelling.
  • Basics of Boolean operations.
  • Working with modifiers.
  • Lighting
  • Using the Camera
  • Render engines: EEVEE and Cycles. Render Settings.
  • Basics of sculpting
  • Shaders. (EEVEE and Cycles).
  • Basics of animation.
  • Support with your own project.

Blender Coaching 121 – Fee

The first coaching is $15 per 40 minutes and after that $ 20 per 40 minutes.


  • After 8 lessons you can choose one of the products by New Media Supply. The product of your choice will then be provided for free.
  • A recap of the coaching session per e-mail or video. This depends on the topic. For example rendering, recording and streaming at the same time might be to demanding. In that case a recap per e-mail is best.
  • Other setups, examples on demand.

How to contact you for a Coaching session?

Please fill in the form below and if you let me know what you would like to focus on or what you want to do with Blender then I can prepare for that.