Black Mesh

The Black Mesh Addon provides a non-destructive – voxel workflow by Mifth. That means a workflow where you voxelize a mesh including boolean operations. The bool objects can be with modifiers like solidify, etc. Or you can use Boxcutter, Hardops, MeshMachine, etc. The video below explains it much better than I can describe here:

Voxel, booleans, layers, filters, modifiers, utilities.

How the add-on works

You start with a source object, which is layer one. So, select an object, and press the folder with the plus sign. You will see openVDB settings like Voxel Size, Adaptivity, Half-Width, Iso Value. After changing one of these values, press the button “Update” to see the effect.

Next, click the plus sign to add a new layer. That gives you four options: Filter, Boolean, Source, and Utility. Let’s start with a boolean layer, so you choose Boolean in the dropdown. At this point, you see you can choose a collection or an object. And you can also select a boolean mode: subtract, add, and intersect. If you have a single object, choose for object, otherwise choose collection. The last step is to select an object or collection, and press update. One more step then is to hide the last object you added, so it’s not in the way.

There are two other kinds of layers: Source and Utilities. The Source is what we already had, the first layer. For a good explanation of the utilities layer, we need to wait for the documentation, but you will see functions like: erode, dilate, Smooth, etc. You can guess what it is for, but takes some time to figure out what all parameters do.

Where to get the Black Mesh Addon

You can get the Black Mesh addon on Gumroad:
And for the thread on Blender Artists, check:

You might also be interested in the Open Source Auto Remesher, if you need a pure free remesher that gives quite good results. But it doesn’t give you a non-destructive workflow with booleans and is not integrated in Blender.

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