The BGE Sprite Addon offers a system for adding real-time animated textures in the Blender Game Engine. It replaces the old ‘UV animated texture’ method and provides extra 2D capabilities without the need for coding skills.

Key Features:

  • No Coding Required: Designed for artists who may not have coding experience.
  • Scrolling Textures: Useful for creating moving terrains, conveyor belts, and tank treads.
  • Easy Camera Alignment: Allows objects to face the player from any angle.
  • Basic UV Texture Animation: Can be used for effects like fire and HUD elements.
  • Instanced UV Texture Animation: Suitable for effects that are spawned, such as explosions and blood.
  • Event-Driven UV Animation: Applicable for main characters and NPCs, with support for advanced animation types like ping-pong or flipper animations.