Bevelled Extrude enables the creation of extrusion effects with configurable bevels on the base, corners, and tops.

Key features:

  • Configurable Bevel Effects: Allows for customizable bevel effects on the base, corners, and tops of extrusions.
  • Smooth Recesses or Protrusions: Optimized for crafting smooth recesses or protrusions on various surfaces.
  • Interactive Mode: Features an interactive mode for real-time adjustments to the extrusion, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts: Supports a range of keyboard and mouse shortcuts for quick and easy adjustments, including the use of the mouse wheel and specific keyboard keys to change bevel amounts or weights.
  • Extrude Individual Faces Option: Provides the flexibility to extrude individual faces or a group of faces.
  • Edge Weight Mode: Introduces a new mode that changes the Bevel Weight of edges, making the operation less destructive.
  • Updated Interface: The user interface has been refreshed to reduce clutter and improve usability.