Bevel Curve Tools

Bevel Curve Tools

The Bevel Curve Tools is an add-on for Blender 2.8 that allows use to place a curve in the scene that has a bevel instantly. While adding a bevel you can choose one of the four profiles called shapes. When working with curves this comes in handy and it could be a time saver.

The operator of the Bevel Curve Tools.

  • Type of curve: NURBS or Bezier.
  • Shape: Squeare, Half circle, Circle, Triangle.
  • Use Subsurf Modifier: On/Off.
  • Size Curve (simple sets the size of the curve.
  • Scale Bevel in X (horizontal by default).
  • Scale Bevel in Y (vertical by default).
  • Rotate. (The bevel around it’s axis).
  • Falloff. (Like a hair, a snail, or no fall-off).

Options in the panel

  • New Beveled Curve. Add a beveled curve in the scene. Then the above operator pops up on the bottom left of the view-port.
  • Add/Overide Bevel. To call the operator again, but you cannot set the type of curve.
  • Edit Bevel. This allows you to edit the profile, or shape as this add-on calls it.
  • Hide Bevel Objects. This will hide the profile or shapes. It’s a bit a hassle to turn them back on so you will want to leave it as is.
  • Convert to Meshes. Converts the beveled curve to mesh.
  • Convert to separate Meshes. In case you have more curves in one object this button with convert the curves into separate meshes.
  • To Merged Mesh. When there are two curves in one object, this will convert to one mesh, but you will get faces intersecting.
  • To Union Mesh. Same as previous one but now the faces are not intersecting. It looks like Union Boolean two meshes.

Use Cases

  • To model anime hair.
  • Model wires, cables, snails, tentacles.
  • Use in combination with the polySweeper addon.
  • (Logo) Animation with the Build Modifier.
  • It is way of modeling. A curved bevel could a base mesh which you convert to mesh and sculpt or edit further.

How to use the Bevel Curve Tools.

No need to explain much, just go to the N-Panel, Tab: Curve tools, and add a new bevel. Then adjust settings in the operator.

Where to download Bevel Curve Tools add-on?

You can download the addon on Github. Click on the green button on the right-top, and download the .zip file. In Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons. Click on Install and navigate to the .zip-file you just donwloaded. Press install and activate addon. (So that is as usual).

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