Bevel After Boolean (BAB)

Bevel After Boolean (BAB)

This is another must have addon for Blender 2.80 by Rodinkov Ilya. The Bevel After Boolean addon comes in handy when working with booleans that have a curved surface. For example when you have a sphere and a cylinder. It is normally a very tedious task to get it all right, so this addon saves you tons of time

The first time I used the Bevel After Boolean addon I couldn’t get it right. This was because the meshes didn’t have any density; the meshes need to have enough polycount like in the screenshot here provided. Another important thing to know for new users, is that you the Bevel Ater Boolean addon works when there is a boolean modifier active on the mesh. In case the boolean is already applied the addon won’t work. It needs an active boolean modifier.

Installation of the Bevel After Boolean addon.

The installation if pretty easy. Just download the latest python file from You probably need to scroll down and up a bit to find the latest version or go to the first post which should be up to date. In Blender follow the standard procedure to install addons: Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install.


The Bevel After Boolean addon is truly amazing. Not all Blender-addon developers can come to this level. Also the option transfer normals seems to give this add-on a magic feel; it solves normal artifacts when dealing with booleans that have curved surfaces like sphere, cyclinder, etc.

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