Bender is an add-on that simplifies the process of bending geometry within your models. It is designed to enhance the flexibility of mesh manipulation through procedural bending, allowing for dynamic adjustments after the initial application.

Key Features:

  • Procedural Bending: Enables users to bend parts of their mesh multiple times with procedural control, allowing for easy adjustments at any stage of the modeling process.
  • Bend Gizmo: Introduces a bend gizmo to the object once the “Bend it” button is pressed in the BB Tools Panel. This gizmo facilitates precise control over the bending transformations.
  • Editable Parameters: Populates the side panel with various editable parameters once a bend is initiated, giving users the ability to customize the bend to their preferences.
  • Geometry Nodes Modifier: Applies a geometry nodes modifier to the object that manages the bending process. All controls are accessible directly from the 3D View Side Panel, simplifying the workflow.
  • Multiple Bends Capability: Allows the creation of multiple bends on the same object. Users can control each bend individually by selecting from a list in the side panel.
  • Advanced Bend Controls:
    • Center of the Bend: Specifies the central point of the bend transformation.
    • Direction of the Bend: Defined by two arcs with arrows, indicating the direction of the positive bend. Negative values can be set for bending in the opposite direction.
    • Reference Plane of the Bend: Acts as the defining plane for the bend; geometry above this plane bends according to the specified parameters.
    • Limit Plane: Sets a boundary beyond which geometry will not bend but may still be affected by the bending of connected geometry below this plane.
    • Axis of the Bend: Determines the axis along which the object is bent, aligned with the normal of the Reference Plane.