Belt Maker offers a powerful and customizable tool for belt creation. It simplifies the process of designing belts by providing a wide range of adjustable features, enabling users to create belts that automatically follow curves, adjust thickness, and incorporate various design elements.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Curve Adaptation: Automatically adjusts the belt’s length to follow a curve, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with various shapes.
  • Hole Functionality: Allows for the automatic addition and adjustment of holes along the belt, complete with size controls for length, holes, and scale.
  • Stitch Customization: Offers the ability to toggle stitches on or off and adjust their spread, length, thickness, and offset to meet specific design requirements.
  • Style Selection: Provides options for users to select between flat or grooved styles and choose appropriate start/end types, including the addition of a middle buckle.
  • Extra Decorations: Includes controls for adding and customizing extra decorative elements on the belt, such as type, amount, spread, and placement.
  • Mesh Personalization: Enables users to incorporate their own mesh designs into Belt Maker’s buckles and extras collections, allowing for unique belt designs.
  • Output Options: Facilitates the output of both high and low poly versions of the belt, featuring specific settings for adjusting low poly holes and high poly subdivisions for baking.
  • Full Shape Control: Grants users complete control over the belt’s final shape through the use of Blender’s curve modifier.