Belt Generator is a geometry nodes system in Blender designed to create realistic belts and straps of any kind.

Key features:

  • Generate highly realistic belts and straps using a curve object to shape the belt.
  • Includes various pre-made styles and settings for holes, end pieces, and attachments to customize belts.
  • Comes with three realistic materials (leather, metal, stitches) optimized for both Cycles and Eevee, which are automatically imported and can be customized.
  • Interdependent slider values allow the creation of different belt elements such as attachments, widths, number of holes, metal pieces, and materials, offering infinite combinations.
  • Modular Attachment System: Add and layer multiple attachments to create detailed and unique belts. Custom attachment objects can be created and added.
  • Choose from multiple premade endpieces or insert custom geometry.
  • Use an object to control the position and rotation of connectors for multiple belt generators.
  • Settings are sorted by belt element for clarity, with default values set for easy control.
  • Non-destructive workflow thanks to geometry nodes.
  • Completely procedural and fully customizable.
  • Achieve highly realistic results.
  • Suitable for both low and high poly models.
  • User-friendly with an example file and instructions included.
  • Free lifelong updates, always compatible with the next Blender version.

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