BB Tools is an add-on that provides access to a variety of custom-made tools designed to enhance and accelerate the modeling process in Blender.

Key Features:

  • Custom Menu Integration: Adds a specialized menu to the 3D View Editor in Edit Mode, making tools easily accessible during the modeling process.
  • Extensive Toolset: Includes 31 custom tools that cover a wide range of modeling needs.
  • Comprehensive User Guide: Accompanied by a 64-page user manual that details each tool’s functionality.
  • Modeling Tools Included:
    • Transform Tools: Array Linear, Array Radial, Bend, Mirror, Screw, Solidify, Stretch Deform, Taper, Twist, and Wireframes.
    • Bridge and Connection Tools: Bridge, Curve deform, and Fill Curve.
    • Extrusion and Expansion Tools: Extrude Edges with Loopcuts, Extrude Faces with Loopcuts, Extruder along Path, and Upright Extruder.
    • Shape and Form Tools: Offset, Polyline Extender, Shear, and tools for creating geometrical shapes like Bezier From Points, Circle++, Ellipse++, and various grid forms (Grid 3D, Grid Hexagon, Grid Triangle).
    • Sphere and Tube Tools: Quad, Quad Sphere, Shape From 2 Polylines, and Tubes.