Bathroom Essentials is an asset library, focused on providing resources for architectural visualization projects. The collection comprises over 200 customizable assets and more than 60 materials, complemented by the Flow Asset Manager plugin.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Asset Collection: Includes over 200 assets designed for bathroom visualizations.
  • Material Library: Features more than 60 materials to create varied textures and finishes in bathroom settings.
  • Flow Asset Manager Plugin: A tool for managing assets and materials, simplifying scene composition.
  • Asset Browser Compatibility: Works with Blender’s Asset Browser for easy addition of models and materials to scenes.
  • Customization Options: Assets are equipped with properties for adjustments at the panel level, enabling variations without needing to access the Shader Editor.
  • Tiles Generator: Part of the Flow Asset & Material painter that generates tile patterns from repeatable textures, suitable for custom ceramic tile designs.
  • Library Expansion: Users have the option to add their own assets to the library through the Flow plugin, increasing customization possibilities for projects.