B-Presets is a Blender add-on designed for saving render and viewport settings to presets, allowing users to quickly switch between them. It is particularly useful for managing multiple render settings for different final renders, such as previews, technical renders, or specific aesthetic styles.

Key features:

  • Render and Viewport Presets: Enables saving of current render settings into a preset, and quick switching between saved presets.
  • Easy Preset Creation and Management: Users can create new presets with a “+” button and save current settings to an active template.
  • Quick Load Settings: Allows for fast loading of settings from the preset by clicking the button with the monitor image next to the preset name.
  • Batch Rendering with Presets: Supports rendering with marked presets and saving results to a specified directory.
  • Camera-Specific Presets: Presets can be applied only for a specific camera by specifying the desired camera in a special field.
  • Locking Presets: Presets can be locked to prevent overwriting, ensuring saved settings are protected.
  • Separate File Saving: Settings templates are saved as separate files for easy backup and transfer.