AutoMask is an add-on designed to facilitate automatic rotoscoping within the Movie Clip Editor. It employs the neural network SiamMask to track objects and generate a mask for each frame, automating the masking process. The generated masks, stored in a new Mask Layer, may not be perfect but serve as a valuable starting point for artists.

Key Features:

  • Machine Learning Utilization: The add-on leverages Machine Learning to enhance the masking process.
  • Automatic Rotoscoping: AutoMask automates the process of masking objects in the Movie Clip Editor, saving each frame’s mask in a new Mask Layer.
  • Parameter Adjustments:
    • Max. Length: Defines the approximate maximum number of pixels a mask segment can trace, influencing the final mask’s adherence to the network output.
    • Directions: Determines the number of directions (out of 8 possible) one mask segment can cover, affecting the number of control points and the mask’s accuracy.
    • Threshold: Sets the pixel amount that can deviate in a different direction within a given segment, allowing for further refinement of the mask.