Autogrip is an add-on designed to automate the rigging process for various models.

Key Features:

  • Automated Rigging for Gripping Actions: Streamlines the rigging process for models, enabling them to automatically grip objects.
  • Multiple Rig Type Support: Works with a variety of rig types, including MakeHuman Exchange, Rigify, and Auto-Rig Pro.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Offers a simple and accessible setup process through the N-panel in Blender.
  • Rig Type Detection: Features a ‘Guess Rig Type’ function to assist in identifying the type of rig being used.
  • Adjustable Control Bone Influence: Provides the ability to fine-tune the strength and positioning of grips through control bone rotation.
  • Quick Pose Functionality: Enables rapid posing of the model for gripping, with additional manual adjustment options for detailed control.
  • Target Selection for Gripping: Users can specify particular mesh objects for the model to grip, enhancing interaction realism.
  • Reset Functionality: Includes options to revert the model back to its original state, removing all changes applied by the add-on.