autoConstraints is an add-on designed to streamline and simplify the 3D modeling process. It focuses on making 3D work more intuitive, faster, and easier by automatically applying axis-constraints to various 3D tools.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Constraint Application: Applies appropriate axis constraints automatically, improving efficiency in 3D operations.
  • Support for Multiple Tools and Modes: Integrates with Blender tools such as Move/Tweak, Rotate, Scale, Duplicate, and Extrude, across different editing modes including Object, Mesh Edit, Curve Edit, and more.
  • Enhanced Transform Orientations: Supports multiple transform orientations like Global, Local, Normal, View, Parent, and Custom, catering to various project requirements.
  • Customizable User Interface: Users can customize the UI to suit their preferences, with options for a compact or expanded toolbar, placement in the viewport or tool header, and icon style selection between grayscale planes, color planes, or original axis icons.
  • Interactive Override Options: Allows users to override or cancel constraints interactively using Blender’s default methods, maintaining flexibility during modeling.
  • Simple Activation: Features an easy toggle switch for activation, without the need for complex hotkeys or menus, ensuring smooth integration into any workflow.
  • Normal Orientation Support: Includes enhanced functionality for “Normal” orientation in edit modes, useful for specific modeling tasks requiring precise axis adjustments.
  • Free Updates: Purchasers receive all future updates for free as they are released.

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