Asset Browser Utilities

Asset Browser Utilities is an add-on that aims to provide several utilities to reduce the time it takes to perform operations on large libraries in Blender.

Key Features:

  • Mark Items as Assets: Functionality to mark items within Blender as assets.
  • Unmark Assets: Ability to remove the asset status from marked items.
  • Export Assets: Feature to export assets from the current file, with options to append to an existing file or create a new one.
  • Import Assets: Allows for the import of assets and copying from active to selected items.
  • Custom Operations: Includes adding and removing tags, adding “Smart” tags, and generating image previews.
  • Generate Image Previews: Set up image previews from disk by matching the image files named like assets in the file with their previews.
  • Extract Asset Thumbnails to Disk: Functionality to extract thumbnails of assets to disk.
  • Move To or Remove From Catalog: Options to move assets to a catalog or remove them from one.
  • Set Author, Description, Copyright, License: Ability to set metadata for assets.
  • Copy Folder Structure as Catalogs: Feature to copy the folder structure as catalogs and place assets accordingly.
  • Merge or Replace Materials or Node Trees: Provides options for merging or replacing materials or node trees.