ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist

ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist

Wow! Past two months, I worked on a course called ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist. That was 10 hours a day for two months. And if you read this, your lucky because it is free until 28 February 2021. Click this link and subscribe; https://www.udemy.com/course/zen-and-the-art-of-making-a-living-as-a-3d-artist/?couponCode=NMS_ZEN. Don’t forget to give it a review because that is important as you will learn in the course.

Note: For those who follow the course, have access to the Facebook Group and Discord Server.

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/186587493229439 and

Discord: https://discord.gg/WAJkTH55Tr


What is the story behind the course?

I enter her room to see what happened. It looks chaotic with all those notes on the floor, notebooks half-written, clothes all over the place, cups that are supposed to be in the kitchen. And then books about Quantum physics, Neuroscience, Evolution, and art. On top of that, I hear music that is a mixture of rock and experimental music, a bit outlandish to me. This whole look is not designed to welcome other guests. But I understand that is not the objective.

As I go further, my eye catches a drawing on the desk. My jaw drops; How can a 14-year old girl draw this highly detailed dragon in a fantasy landscape. No one knows her art, and she is not interested in sharing it with the world. When I ask her about the drawing, she’s telling a whole book. And usually, when I ask other questions about her, it takes her ages to find an answer. I wonder how my daughter’s life would look like when she lives on her own. All this reminded me of myself when I was a kid. I lived like the pyramid of Maslow upside down; self-actualization had the highest urge. I was heavily a non-conformist, hard-rocker, thinker, creator, introvert, and alone. But I didn’t feel alone, I think; it was all fine that way.

The Trailer of the course

Something important happened when I was 28. So far, I’ve read so many books from I Tjing to Metaphysics, from hypnosis to ZEN meditation, from physics to astrology, from Ayurveda to kabbalah, from anthroposophy to science. On top of that, a mushroom gave me an extra lesson: my lungs became the leaves of a plant, and my stomach the roots of a plant. Anyway, one day I was so confused that I sold all the books and locked myself up for a week. I decided to write what I knew, really knew by myself. That was not much and seemingly unpractical. And I kept it for years, thinking about that little book many times. It was more like a coat rack to hang things on it but then organized.

Aged 48, I realized something is missing. Why I always worked for a boss while I had such great ideas. As a kid, I dreamed of having an own business but knew it was for big people. I kept that thinking habit for years and years, and it never changed. While working for others, I was not satisfied that I couldn’t be creative in my job.

The solution was pretty simple. It started with a bit of success, which I developed further and made some significant discoveries. It went better and better, earned some income. Then for two years, I asked myself, “Should I keep working for a boss now, or not anymore?”. I followed courses about marketing, decision making, psychology-related, and finally, all became very clear.

Now that there is steady progress for two years, I found it’s time to help other artists, thinkers, and creators. I worked for two months, 10 hours a day, on a course that will be called “ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist”. My goal is to help other creators out there who recognize this story.

More resources

There is a Facebook group for the course Zen and the art of making a living as a 3D artist: https://www.facebook.com/groups/186587493229439

There is also a Discord Channel available: https://discord.gg/WAJkTH55Tr



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