Who is behind New Media Supply?

Who is behind New Media Supply?

So far I didn’t like to show myself on video, but to my surprise it’s not that bad. Well, In this un-edited and unprocessed video I show you a bit of myself. And the video will be used to promote the course I worked on for several months.

Robert Wesseling, founder of New Media Supply

Thinkers, creators and innovators

It seems that Blender users are real thinkers, creators, and innovators. I wonder how your desk looks like. Do we see notes everywhere or notebooks half written? Maybe 3 cups of coffee, two half full and one empty? Forgot to put the bin outside? Can’t sleep because you have great ideas? Am I close?

And could it be that we are not that marketing wired? Maybe we dislike marketing like it is a bad word. The good thing is that there is a huge shift in marketing, a paradigm shift, I would say. Nowadays, we have to be authentic, show our faces. So I join and start with a small PIP on the bottom left. Authentic, collaboration, transparency are the keywords.

One good thing for us is that we are flexible as entrepreneurs. We could react immediately to trends, whereas bigger cooperations need more time. This because it needs to go through several departments.

What else about New Media Supply?

There are loads of things I would like to share, but let me start with one. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to understand the reality we live in. That goes deep, and unfortunately, no one knows it. For example, science doesn’t know if time is part of space or the other way around. It could be the time-space continuum, or it could be that time only exists in our experience. And we don’t know if time is infinite or finite. And so there are many things we don’t know: why are we here, where are we, where are we going, who are we, etc. We humans can not accept that. So we create a foundation somehow and hold on to that.

So, instead of asking all those questions we never will know, I developed at an early age a simple foundation or structure. That is a structure that describes how we humans experience reality, rather than trying to describe reality. I had that structure in mind for many years, and couldn’t find a flaw in it. But because it was too basic and simple it was not yet practical. Until I analyzed courses about marketing. I found that there was a structure missing. So together with my experience as an entrepreneur, the courses I followed I worked out a whole course.

You can find the course at Udemy. Wait until there is promotion, so you don’t buy it at full price. Check also Blender Nation next week. There will be a promocode.

If you follow the course you can also join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WAJkTH55Tr. And the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/186587493229439

I hope you see you in the course


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