New Media Supply on Patreon

New Media Supply on Patreon

Good news! Introducing New Media Supply on Patreon. This way it’s a piece of cake to support the Blender-addons website, and we support you back. Not only it helps the website stay in the air, you also get early access. (articles and video-tutorials). That is Tier one support. When you choose Tier 2 support, you get also 10% discount. The last option is Tier 3 support where we offer you a generous 40 minutes p/month 121 support. This will happen on MS Teams or Zoom (As long as we can manage and don’t get to many subscribers for Tier 3).

Tier one supporter

We post only articles on this website if we believe in it’s benefits for the Blender user. While I promote some commercial addons, not all getting through. Every article is written by heart, and often it takes a few hours to try the addons out first. The thing is that we want to keep the economy in the Blender community healthy; where a developer or artist deserves support, New Media Supply is willing to support the developer / artist. Therefore I believe the articles have value. And when you become Tier one supporter, you get early access (one week) before they appear on this website. Tutorials on YouTube included as well.

Now, there was a way to support the Blender-Addons website via PayPal Donations. There were indeed some good Donations, but it’s not enough to keep the website in the air. That’s why you can find now New media Supply on Patreon.

Tier two supporter

In case you are a big fan of New Media Supply there is also a Tier 2 support. This gives you monthly a 10% discount voucher on the Blender Market for products by New Media Supply. On top of that you get all the benefits of Tier one support: Early access of articles and tutorials. If you are interested products by NMS, then it will be worth it to visit at least New Media Supply on Patreon.

Tier three supporter

This is a very generous offer and includes a 40 minutes p/month a 121 support. It doesn’t cost us just 40 minutes. We also prepare before the meeting, do some research, and provide some notes or even documentation where need. We can do this if there are not to many subscribers for Tier 3. So as long a there is Tier three for a price of £20,- per month, you made a good deal. On top of that you got all the benefits of Tier 1 and Tier 2. Wich is Early access of articles and video tutorials plus 10% voucher code per month. For more information on Blender Coaching 121 see this article.

Where to Find New Media Supply on Patreon

You can find us here.